2005 began slowly, but in February I started building the kitchen cabinets. By early May we had endured travelling to California, and the kitchen was nearing completion. Things started rolling in the late spring; as the new kitchen came online the old one was demolished, as was the downstairs bath, new doors to the back yard were installed and the siding finally completed. While the wife and kids were away on vacation, the children's bedrooms were completely renovated, with all the old plaster removed, recepticles , recessed lighting, cable, phone and computer network installed, floors strengthened, new hardwood installed, drywall, paint and trim. Not quite in two weeks, but close. With that, the upstairs is nearly finished. Exterior paint began in ernest the first week of October, then it began raining and hasn't stopped.

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year 4

started building kitchen cabinets

Lots of room under the sink...

nice tree house

Winter time!

Boxes hung and faceframed, microwave/exhaust hood installed.

Looking at the sink...

Hadley Jail

Window trim and beadboard installed. Building permit still afixed to the window.

Most of the carpentry is complete. Here I am laying the tile floor. Decided to make it much more complicated than it needed to be, but hey, you only get one shot at it.

Hadley likes to help... she's sitting in the spot where the DISHWASHER will be. Oh yeah, did some painting as well.

I'm not sure what she thought she was doing....

Maybe she's trying to learn how to plumb a dishwasher...

began removing the old kitchen

An hour later...

after whirlwind rip out session

New doors in

another view


NOW can I finish the siding?


Heather and the kids went to visit family in Montana for two weeks. This is how I party when my family is away. This is Avery's (front) bedroom after knocking all the plaster from the walls.

Avery's room reverse view. Round metal cover over the old chimney lintel had to be removed and the hole bricked up. I can't imagine having a wood or coal burning stove up here...

Hadley's room, plaster removed and cleaned up.

The floor in Avery's room was very springy, so I removed the flooring to 'sister' in some new joists. Note gas lines for lighting.

Here's how I got the plaster out...

Avery's room with new floor joists, and some recepticle wiring complete.
Ok, so once again I didn't take any photos of the drywall process.... I was a little under the gun. I finished wiring the new recessed lighting, ceiling fan boxes, cable/phone/computer network wires, then hung 36 sheets of rock, taped, mudded, mudded, mudded, sanded, cleaned up and primed the new walls over a 4 day period. Put the kids beds back and drove to Logan to get them.

Got the rooms painted the appropriate colors and Hadley helped me start the floor in Avery's room.

Quality control.

Avery checking out his new closet.

After a day of flooring....

Finally got the chance to build the maple top for the breakfast bar in the kitchen... its a good place to sit

and eat icecream!

Here is where the old kichen was. Photo is taken looking at the entry to the new kitchen (straight ahead) with the basement door to the right of that... I removed the old flooring and sistered new joists in to relieve the sag and springiness.

opposite view looking into the bathroom area. The wall that divided the kitchen and bathroom was removed so I could replace the floor. The wall will go back, one side of this space will be the dining room and the other will be a combined bathroom/laundry. On the far wall (straight ahead) you can see where the old side door was closed up.

more demolition debris

siding was finally complete beginning of June.

skinny dude painting

if the rain ever stops i might be able to continue painting.....

bathroom presheetrock

doing drywall mud in the bathroom

hadley checking out the new/old clawfoot tub...