During the late fall of 2003 and winter of 2004 I started working on some interior work....plumbing was completely replaced, in the spring a bathroom added, summer- new bed room completed, fall- kitchen begun, and most of the exterior work completed, except paint....

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Photo taken standing in upstairs new space. Bags and bags of old insulation which I tossed up in the attic... long hours wearing respirator.

A close up of the old rafters where they land on the old outside wall. Note the mortice in the beam which accepts the tenon on the wall stud. All the studs were pocketed into the beam this way. The framing of this house seemed to be a cross between the older style of timberframing and the 'newer' method of using dimentional lumber. Of course now we've begun using engineered lumber, ( wood particles and glue all pressed together under intense pressure and heat).

Taken standing in what will become the bathroom, looking through the old exterior wall into the addition. Note curved wall at the right.

This was the last layer of wall paper in the old bedroom, very likely original to the late 1800s.

One of the wallpaper patterns. Imagine a 10x8 room covered with this dark and busy plaid!

Photo taken on the stairs looking into the old and new space after removing the old exterior and interior walls.

Bottom of stairs looking up.

Standing in the addition looking at the top of the stairs, Avery's door on right and other bed room door on left. Felt very strange to have such a large open space at the top of the stairs.

Standing in what will become the bathroom.

Bottom of stairs looking up, after rebuilding interior walls and electrical installation. Light at top of stairs is part of the 'fameous' fourway switch curcuit.

Standing in the hallway looking into the new bath space.

Standing in the addition space. Insulation and electrical complete.

In bathroom looking at top of stairs

Looking into bathroom after removing floor

Bathroom floor framing. Note the black pipe. This is a gasline that was used for lighting. These lines ran to termination points in the ceilings of the rooms on the first floor and midway up the interior walls of the second floor rooms. They appear to have been installed before plaster, so must have been run during framing. Nineteenth century utilities!

Looking out into the hall. I removed both layers of flooring and 'sistered' new joists next to the old ones to carry the weight of the new bath fixtures. Water is heavy.

Hey wait... where are the photos of the four days spent with the plumbers, and all the time spent drywalling, mudding, sanding, painting, subflooring and tiling? I guess I got too busy to play with a camera...there's a baby coming afterall... Anyway, here's the new bathroom. Tile is polished granite.

New vanity, half completed....there are two sinks under all that stuff somewhere. Hard to see the bubble on the level in this shot, but honestly...it's "DNO"

This is a BIG deal. For the first time in the 12 years we've been together, Heather and I are living in a home with 2 working toilets!

The new WHIRLPOOL tub. Awesome.

Of course we had to try it out... Theres a photo somewhere of me in the tub too, but you don't want to see that. Jetted tubs are very, very worth the price.

Avery helping cut tile...nice headphones

He was better than a lot of guys I've worked with...

Tile all installed. Accent tiles are from leftover floor tile

another view

Soon thereafter Hadley Rose was born... some nice neighbors decorated the house

redroom redroom redroom! new bedroom coming together.

Skinny dude in a Redsox hat...the game was probably on the radio

Hadley helping install some flooring in the new bedroom. I never took any photos of the drywall operation... it was a big mess, trust me.

Last piece of floor being stapled in

She almost looks like she knows what she's doing.

Hadley helping paint in the new bedroom

Last bit of cast iron pipe going into the truck...old siding, windows, insulation, etc. Thanks to that sweet ninjia Art for hauling services. Pay no attention to the small boy with no shoes trying to find rusty nails and shards of glass with his barefeet.

Siding is finally underway

nailing lefty under the ladder

Family standing in the evening dusk with the house 25% sided!

Something exploded? Nahhh... just replacing a window

Thats not what you're doing is it?

Hmmmm, cool!

70% of siding complete.

Hey! Theres no floor in the hallway! The front hall floor was so out of level, the thing to do was remove and reframe it.

I'm not sure if Heather really is as thrilled with all this as she looks in this photo, but I think she can see past the hole in the floor to the final result.

Put the floor back.... drywall too... Jasmine likes having a flat and level bed.

Hallway looking into the new kitchen space

Kitchen space, looking at windows over sink

Kitchen, reverse view. All rocked, taped, mudded and primed.
So, we've come to the two year mark. Let's recap...
Built an addition
New roof
New windows
Mostly sided
New electrical
New plumbing
New bathroom
New bedroom

I'm rolling now!