After all the snow from winter 2003 finally melted, I got outside and built a porch. Most of the windows were replaced, as was the roof, and electrical.

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Front 07/04/03 Porch is almost done!

View from the end of the street

railings are made of miranti mahogany

decking corner, decking is kayu batu

the old 60 amp meter

the new meter

the old fusebox mess

the new 200 amp curcuit breaker panel


re-flashed the William, I didn't get a new raincoat

oh man, now what have I done??

oh...a new door.

one year after ground breaking!

meanwhile...inside the house
So then the weather got cold. Again. I took the operation inside for the winter and began by stripping out the old plaster and blown in insulation in the hallway and upstairs bedroom that would become the new bathroom. Blown in insulation is very itchy.

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