On October 12, 2002, we began an addition on our 1871 New Englander.

I am attempting to do the majority of the work myself. I hired an excavator and foundation company, an electrical contractor to replace the service, and a plumbing contractor to help me remove the 60+ year old cast iron waste lines and run new iron steam pipes to the new rooms.

When the frame of the addition went up there was a good crew here; Father in law Bob, my Dad, brother William, and Dave and Travis were here too. Larry and Robert came the following week to help set rafters and build the roof system.

Dad helped strip two layers of roofing, cleaned up the site, popped in windows and carried sheetrock. Bob provided childcare. Larry has helped with financing. Peter helped with some siding. Others have helped hold long pieces of various building materials from time to time. My wife Heather has helped the most in that regard, and our son the most with demolition.

Other than that, every nail, board, roof shingle, window, tile, plumbing fixture, wire, piece of drywall, framing member, can of paint, finish trim etc, has been touched, shaped, cut or installed by me, on weekends and evenings for the last two+ years. Hope you enjoy the progress!

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current progress

The house, pre-addition, front view

The house, pre-addition, rear view

After the hole was dug

The foundation hole

Progress on 10/14, front view

Progress on 10/14, rear view

Progress on 10/15, front view

Progress on 10/15, rear view

10/15 side view

10/15 side view again

Progress 10/18, front view

Progress 10/18, rear view

Andrew and his Pops up on tha' roof

Jasmine standing on rafters; raise the roof dog, yo!

front 12/20

back 12/20

front 12/22

rear 12/22 Two days later it began snowing. I didn't do anything but shovel snow till it got warm again.

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