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Evaluating Luggage

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Today we pulled out all the luggage. We weighed and measured it and looked at replacements. We decided to replace everything with collapsible bags for this trip. What does that mean?

Objects and other exciting News


Hi everyone, we're into the final week. Pre-orders for books and postcards will end on 3/31 which is Sunday (and actually it'll be 4am EDT on 4/1 so those in Hawaii can still pledge late.)  Backers should review the campaign again and consider adjusting pledges before the deadline - several new rewards.

[caption id="attachment_529" align="aligncenter" width="480"]World Traveling Objects World Traveling Objects[/caption]

To give you an idea what we have in mind for Objects, this might help.  Ed plans to bring along

A good response deserves more rewards!

The Kickstarter funding campaign for West By Sea is rolling along well. Please read Update #4 to learn about stretch goals for the project and upgrades for existing rewards. Plus we have our first expeditionary gear sponsor, Juicies!

Michelle’s Take on the Kickstarter Campaign

Morning, Good Day, Evenin’, Merry Midnight Kickstarters,

The Eds visit Saltaire

The Eds visit Saltaire, a 19th Century planned industrial community. Here we are on one of the old factory floors. I left the support column in the picture because it is pretty cool.

One of my favorite quotes

Seen on the wall at The American Adventure pavilion at EPCOT. I'm wearing a shirt given to me at my recent retirement ceremony by Uncle Alan. The shirt is printed with a picture of Great Grandpa Beale, the only child of 13 to strike out for the New World, astride a Harley Davidson motorcycle. He arrived here in 1912, armed with nothing but his own vision. Time to Roll, indeed!

Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge!

Ed's Desk

Thought you might like a look at my desk goodies.

Palmer Kendall Mountain Conservation Area

On Saturday, Ed walked the new trails with his parents. The trail team really did a great job.

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